Program (subject to change)

All sessions of the Eleventh International Conference on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Fort Collins.

Sunday, June 18th 2023

4:00pm - 6:00pm

Conference Check-in and On-Site Registration

(Hilton Hotel Conference Center)


Opening Remarks: Prof. Tom Siller, Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, CSU


Welcome: Dr. Rick Miranda, Executive Vice President, CSU System


Opening Plenary: Prof. Gerry Johnson introduces 2021 Leo Jansen Prize Winner
Dr. Richard Fenner, Cambridge University, U.K.
“Reflections on Engineering Sustainability: Progress, Pedagogy, Principles and Practice”


Opening Reception – drinks and hors d’oeuvres

(Hilton Hotel Atrium)


Dinner on Own

Monday, June 19th 2023

8:00am - 10:00am

Conference Check-in, On-Site Registration and Light Breakfast

(Hilton Hotel Conference Center)


Keynote: Dr. Marcia Bjornerud, Lawrence University
“Engineering for the Geologic Future”


Session 1 — Chair: Tom Siller

“Circular Design Project: Sustainable Design Learning Tools and Its Impact on Design Education”
Jordi Segalas, Gemma Tejedor, Adam de Eyto, Muireann Mc Mahon, Yekta Bakirlioglu, Peter
Joore, Marcel Crul and Renee Wever

“Faculty Workshop on Teaching Sustainability in Engineering”
Elisabeth Smela, Vincent Phuc Nguyen, Natasha A. Andrade, Nicole Farkas Mogul, Andrew Elby
and David I. Bigio

“The Power of Positive Acting: Reflecting on the Need for Authentically Positive Actions and Seeds
of Hope in Educating for Sustainability”
Edmond Byrne


Break – refreshments


Session 2 — Chair: Wade Troxell

“Incorporating Game-based Learning to Enhance Student Learning in Sustainable Engineering
Jennifer Mueller

“Teaching Sustainability: Using Machine Learning to Predict Life Cycle Inventory Data for
Environmental Impact Assessment”
Emmanuel Apau Aboagye, Austin Lehr, C. Stewart Slater, Mariano Savelski, Robert Hesketh
and Kirti M. Yenkie

“Games as Tools for Teaching Sustainability: Practical Experiences from Educators at 8
Institutions of Higher Education”
Jon-Erik Dahlin

“Towards a Sustainable Design-Based Engineering Education”
Andrés Pineda, Imad Abou-Hayt and Alexander Lindeburg


Light Lunch


Session 3 — Chair: Gerry Johnson

“Design Thinking and the Science of Innovation”
Martha Torres-Barreto, Nestor Santos Nova and Juan González García

“Exploring the Correlation between Engineering Students’ Sustainability Knowledge and Actions”
Sherry-Ann Ram, Daniel Posen and Heather MacLean

“Introducing Principles of Sustainability in a First-Year Engineering Design Course for
International Students”
Vladan Prodanovic, Saloome Motavas, Roza Vaez Ghaemi and Jennifer Walsh Marr

“Teaching Integrated Assessment Modeling for Sustainable Transitions: Lessons and Insights”
Muhammad Awais, Madeleine Seatle and Madeleine McPherson

“Bridging the Gap Between the Field and Classroom for WASH Education in Engineering”
Jeffrey Niemann


Break – refreshments


Industry Panel: Sustainable Beer Production

Moderator: Wade Troxell

Panelists: Charlie Hoxmeier, Gilded Goat Brewery
Carol Cochran, Horse & Dragon Brewery
Katie Wallace, New Belgium Brewery

5:00pm - 5:15pm

Bus Transportation to Brewery Evening


Brewery Evening: New Belgium Brewery – Beer and Food


Bus Transportation to Hilton Hotel and CSU Campus Housing


Tuesday, June 20th 2023

8:00am - 8:45am

Conference Check-in, On-Site Registration, and Light Breakfast

(Hilton Hotel Conference Center)


Workshop: Colorado School of Mines. “Educating Engineers in Responsible and Socially Just
Sustainable Community Development (SCD): Praxis in the Classroom and in the Field.”


Break – refreshments


Plenary: Carol Dollard, Colorado State University
“Sustainability at Colorado State University”


Light Lunch


Session 4 — Chair: Gerry Johnson

“Sustainability Integration into Engineering Design Courses: A Literature Synthesis”
Joan Tisdale and Angela Bielefeldt

“Finding Connection between Chemical Engineering Principles and Sustainable Development— An
Educator Focus Group”
Naomi Bury, David Shallcross and Sally Male

“Applying Contextual Engineering to Engineering Needs for Bodaway Gap Chapter in the Areas
of Water and Energy”
Abhiroop Chattopadhyay, Kiruba S. Haran and Ann-Perry Witmer

“How Can Sustainability be Defined for Engineering and Used to Evaluate Curriculum in Canada?”
Sherry-Ann Ram, Daniel Posen and Deborah Tihanyi

“Education for Sustainable Development—Mapping the SDGs to University Curricula”
Thomas Adams and Jamie Goggins

“Returning to 1st Principles—Defining the Needs of the 21st-Century Engineering Student with a
View to Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in the Engineering Field”
Eva Murphy and Lizbeth Goodman


Break – refreshments


Session 5 — Chair: Tom Siller

“EDINSOST2-SDG Methodology to Effective Embedding of Sustainability in Engineering
Gemma Tejedor, Jordi Segalas and Fermín Sánchez-Carracedo

“Faculty Capacity Building in EESD: EDINSOST2-SDG Co-Creation Workshop Case Study”
Jordi Segalas, Fermin Sánchez-Carracedo and Gemma Tejedor

“Distinguishing Greenwashing from Meaningful Claims: Sustainability Assessment Education to
Equip Students with Critical Tools”
Andre Cabrera Serrenho

“Universities as Living Laboratories: A Comparative Document Analysis on University Priorities, Values, and Strategies Towards SDGs
Maya Menon, Margaret Webb, Malini Josiam and Jessica Deters

“Assessing for Sustainability: Reflective and Peer Learning Assessments as a Means of Promoting
Student Engagement”
Edmond Byrne

“Online Programs in Energy Conscious Construction (ECC): Expanding Access to Educational
Opportunities for Residential Occupancy”
Omar Al-Hassawi

“Design and Delivery of an Accelerated Course Sequence for Teaching Sustainable Systems in the
Built Environment to Architecture Students”
Omar Al-Hassawi and David Drake


Gala Dinner

Speaker Introduction: Wade Troxell

Speaker: Judy Dorsey, President, The Brendle Group


Wednesday, June 21st 2023

8:00am - 9:00am

Conference Check-in, On-Site Registration, and Light Breakfast

(Hilton Hotel Conference Center)


Workshop: Engineers Without Borders – U.K.


Break – refreshments


Keynote: Dr. Jana Milford, University of Colorado – Boulder
“Preparing our Students to Engage in Public Policy”


Session 6 — Chair: Wade Troxell

“Design for Sustainability”
Steven Simske

“International Summer School – Transdisciplinarity Methods and Tools for Dealing with
Sustainability and Land Use Conflicts in l’Empordà, Catalonia (Spain)”
Gemma Tejedor, Josefa Kny, Jordi Segalàs and Martina Schäffer

“Initiating Environmental Justice in K-12 Engineering Curriculum Design through StoryMaps”
Jennifer Taylor and Joseph Valle

“Incorporating Engineering Ethics into Matlab Course (Case Study)”
Rawan Al-Nsour


Light Lunch


Session 7 — Chair: Gerry Johnson

“Leveraging Regional Collaboration to Teach and Improve Water Quality”
Michelle Marincel Payne, Sarah Summers and James Speer

“Intersections of Engineering Education and Human Rights for realizing a Sustainable Society”
Kelly Bohrer, Erin Peiffer, Lauren Reinersman and Himanshu Panday



Break – refreshments


Closing: Award Announcements and EESD2024 or EESD2025

Thursday, June 22nd 2023

9:00am - 5:00pm